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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pics of Jasmine Pearl Tea.

Tea and liquer of Gong fu'd Jasmine pearls.

Roasted Mate?

Anyone had this? It's supposed to be decaffeinated but I've heard that it buzzes you out as much as Coffee! WTF! No Caffeine But you get wired? What is this shit made of Coca leaves? any help people?

Gong Fu'd Jasmine Pearls!

Dope son!
This is a really, really good tea. I'll let you know right now that I AM NOT a flavored Tea fan. (there are a few that I'll drink, but rarely. Earl Gray, Masala Chai, Jasmine Pearl, but that's about it.) But when steeped Gong Fu style, this is pretty good. I did 1Tbsp in 8oz water with the water 2min off boil. I did a 30sec steep and added 1tsp sugar (I know you green heads out there are gonna flip over that one but suck it!, I like sweet tea). I was left with a little bit of sour on the back of my tongue but it was no biggie because the second steep (the same amount of time) washed it away. I should be able to get 6 good steepings out of this before it dies!

What's up kids!

Just wanna welcome everyone to mah blog! I will do my best to give you the skinny on all the teas i try on a regular basis. I'm drinking a few right now, so as the weeks progress I'll leave updates.

I'm out.
The El Jeffe (The Drunken Tea Master)

Gong Fu Mangalam Mutha fuckah!

Check it!
Gong fu'd an Assam mangalam estate FOP! One Tbsp per 8oz water. This is dope as shit yo! I'm catching some serious walnuts and red wine in this steepin'! Brought the water up to boiling then poured it into a Pyrex cup and let it sit for 2 min (about 180/190 Degrees). First steepin' was at 1 min and was killer as shit, but the second was off the chain at 30 sec! Way more mellow and easier to sip! I'll be interested how may rounds this bitch can take a steeping! More to come......................